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Policy & Procedures for Use of the Study Rooms


1. Available Facilities: The Boca Raton Public Library has group study rooms available for public use. The Library's group study rooms are designed to meet the needs of patrons who want to work together in small groups for limited periods of time. The Downtown Library facility includes six (6) small study rooms and four (4) large study rooms. Small study rooms are available to one (1) or two (2) individuals and large study rooms are available to groups of two (2) to six (6) individuals. The Spanish River Library has two (2) large study rooms for groups of two (2) to six (6) individuals. At least two (2) group members must be present in order to obtain a key to a large study room at either facility. The Spanish River Library also has a quiet study room for individuals. The room is equipped with eight (8) study carrels. There is no time limit for the carrels, which are available on a first come, first served basis.

2. Sign In: Study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis to Boca Raton Public Library cardholders whose accounts are in good standing. In order to obtain a study room key, a patron must present his or her BRPL card (or photo i.d.) at the Information Desk. Library cardholders under the age of nine (9) cannot occupy a study room without a second person at least twelve (12) years of age in the room with them at all times.

3. Use of Study Rooms: The person whose card or i.d. is presented in exchange for a room key is responsible for the condition of the room and the behavior of the group using the room. The following rules must be followed by the group when using a study room:

  • Study rooms are intended for traditional study, tutoring, or informal group meetings and are not to be used for commercial purposes. The use of study rooms as a place to conduct recurring business or as a place to hold office hours is prohibited.
  • Chairs and other furniture may not be removed from or brought into a study room.
  • The Library's Rules of Conduct must be observed while using the study rooms.
  • At least one person from the group must stay in the room at all times. If all group members vacate the room, it may be reassigned to other users.
  • When a group vacates a study room, the person signing for the room must return the room key to the information desk in exchange for the return of his or her Library Card or photo i.d. If the user loses the key there will be a key replacement charge of twenty ($20) dollars.
  • At the time that the room is vacated, it must be left in the same condition that it was at the start of the use and it must be free of trash and debris.
  • Misuse of the study rooms may result in the loss of study room privileges.

4. Time Limit: There is a two-hour time limit on the use of study rooms per library card. The study room may be renewed one time, provided there is no waiting list, for a maximum use of four (4) hours per day. The two 2-hour blocks do not need to be continuous. Library staff may extend use of a room beyond this limit when no one is waiting for a room. If a second member of the group has a library card, they will be considered a new group and be assigned a room when one becomes available. If a study room is vacated before the two-hour block is up, the remainder of the two hours is forfeited. Study rooms must be vacated ten (10) minutes prior to the Library's closing time.